Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy New Year

I cannot believe how the time has flown by since my last post! Since then Christmas has come and gone, my children have come and gone, my time off work for the holidays has come and gone and new years has come and gone!! Oh my!
I haven't posted for a while since I haven't had too much to share.
I did finally finish my son's quilt and he was very pleased with his gift on Christmas Day! 
Over the holidays I did have a chance to sew a bit and boy did that ever feel good!!

 Just need a border for this little gem.

 And two more borders for this one
It was so much fun to have my kids home for the holidays. First time in 4, yes 4 years we have all been together for Christmas and what fun we had! Playing games, watching movies and documentaries, listening to Graham's favourite music (classical, no less), eating out at fancy restaurants and enjoying a coffee or two at Phil and Sabastian's. 
 It was just what this old mama's heart needed!! I always have a tough time saying goodbye but deep down inside I wouldn't want them to remain at home forever. 

So have any of you New Year resolutions? I don't usually verbalize mine but generally have things rattling around in my head. This year I plan to declutter my home and get rid of 'stuff' that has been hanging around way too long. I moved into my place 2 and bit years ago and just moved lock, stock and barrel without purging. Tough time in my life and not able to deal with things. Enough, I say it's time to tame the clutter!!
My resolutions for my quilting would include finishing some projects, maybe getting my stash down a bit and cut back on only buying the essentials. 
Already I've blown it by signing up for the block of the month with Sew Sisters to build up my Batik Stash.

In my personal life I plan to 'laugh for no reason' and will be looking for 'joy' in everything. 

Here's to a fabulous 2015!!


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Escaping Town and a Quilt Top Finish

Last week the weather has been wretched!! It's been hovering around the - 17 C (1 F)  mark but with the winds it felt more like -22 C (-8F) or so. Trying to stay warm while walking to work has been a challenge. Thankfully we had a bit of a break as the weekend went on and I can report that it is currently a balmy -8 C (17).

Doesn't this picture just make you shiver a little?

Well, that's enough about the weather - not worth talking about.

I had a great weekend and I hope you did too!! 

My weekend started early as I took Friday off work and drove out to Vulcan to visit a friend. I am so fortunate that I have another dear friend who lives in High River which is on the way to Vulcan. So nice that she was free and we were able to have a good but quick visit. I truly have the best friends in the world!!

My friend Wendy got me started in quilting so it's always fun to visit and catch up on the latest projects. We both were working on place mats. I got the binding on one my modern place mats and half of another. Good progress!! 

You can find the post about making the place mats here.

Saturday found us making meat pies at another friend's house. Lots of work but enjoyed the company. Later on in the evening we started to sew again. Had a heck of a time trying to get the borders put on Graham's quilt. We measured, cut, pinned and then found out they were the wrong size. I'm not too sure what was wrong but it was not working well - probably too late and the old brain wasn't working well. Thankfully the next morning all went well and I was able to get the two borders sewn on before leaving for home.

Very happy with the results and that everything fit!!

I do hope that Graham likes his quilt.

Next step is to get some backing and get this quilt quilted up. I am planning to do it myself and have it finished in time for Christmas.

This is the view from my friend's place. You can actually see the mountains peeking through. What a lovely colourful sunset we saw.

Enjoy the coming week!!


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Little Offcuts

My Dad was a printer by trade and whenever he cut paper he used to get little offcuts of paper and would often let us kids have them. I always looked forward to grabbing them and using them for all kinds of projects. It's amazing what we came up with using those little pieces of paper.

I was reminded of that today as I pulled out my little fabric offcuts and started playing with them. Wonder what they will turn out to be? Watch for another post to see . . .

Have a beautiful weekend!


Sunday, October 26, 2014

Modern Christmas

This week I whipped up 4 Christmas placemats called 'Modern Christmas'. Not your traditional red and green.

The material was purchased at the flea market in Phoenix when I was there last February. 


 The pattern is called Line in the Sand. It is from Alissa Haight Carlton's Blog. If you like the modern look you should check out the rest of her blog. She has some neat posts.

I had seen the pattern earlier and when I saw this material I thought it would work perfect.

I'm quite fond of the quilting that I did on the placemats. It really gives it texture.

All that needs to be done now is to put the binding on. The weather is closing in tonight so I see a good movie while I work on that.

I can't resist showing this last picture. This morning I had a hard boiled egg in my egg cup that I've had for a bizillion years. I got this as a young girl one year for Easter. It always puts a smile on me face as it brings back warm memories from a time gone by.

Hope you all have a terrific week and that you find something that makes you smile this week.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Gem of a Place

 **Warning - no quilting reported in this post**

Last Saturday I spent the day with my mom and dad leisurely traveling the backroads of Southern Alberta. It was such a beautiful October Fall day.

We were going back to my dad's growing up years. It was so fun to hear the stories and see the places. In all my years growing up I had never been there.

We started out at the Crowfoot Cemetery. The Cairn is all that is left of the cemetery itself. It is in the middle of a farmer's field and in the middle of 'nowhere'.

 My dad's brother (Ernest Koop) passed away when he was only one.

What a special memory to be there with my dad!!

We then took a drive just down the road from the Cairn to the old ferry crossing which has been shut down since the floods of 2013. You can see where the water came up to and how it cut into the bank.

The sky was unbelievable that day.

From there we went to the Bassano Dam. Dad recounted school picnic outings there many years ago.

Even there you could see the evidence of the floods. Look at all that beautiful sand from the river bottom.

Then it was off to the old homestead. Can you imagine raising six children in a house this size? I don't think those years were particularly prosperous.

Dad told stories about sliding down the roof of the old barn. Looks perfect, don't you think?

Just a hop, skip and jump from the old homestead was the Gem Cemetery. Apparently, the church used to stand in the same yard.

My grandpa's cousins are buried there. I think dad said that the Dyck's sponsored Grandpa to come to Canada from Russia.

One last stop in the hamlet of Gem. All that is there is a bank of post boxes, a church, a couple of houses and a school. I see on the sign that they just celebrated their 100th birthday!

My mom and I had been talking for quite some time about stopping at the cemetery where her grandparents (my great grandparents) are buried. Again, I had never been there. Took us a while but we found them. (sorry mom, was the only picture I had of you by the grave site)

The only thing that I regret was that I didn't take some quilts to photograph with some of the old buildings and gnarly trees we saw!!

So after a busy day, travelling the country roads, I can't resist but end with another beautiful sunset picture taken the very next night.

Make happy memories this week!


Monday, October 13, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was nominated by Britany from Pickles Quilting
to take part in the 'Around the World Blog Hop'

If you have never checked out her blog, 
please take a moment to do so. 

In fact she is having her one year blogiversary with a giveaway.

She considers herself a newbie but certainly has tackled
and completed some unique and fun projects.

I have been quilting now for six years and have been blogging
for just over three years now.
My how the time flies!

So to get down to the following questions I need to answer.

What am I currently working on?

 I am currently working on a quilt for my son. 
He as been very patient with me as I often get side tracked with various other projects.

I only have one more row to put on, a couple of borders
and then to quilt it.

I also need to put a border on my Arkansas Road Quilt.

And I am in the midst of sewing this one together. 
Another favourite of mine.

I just recently finished the top of my wedding ring quilt, probably 
my most challenging project to date.
Another one to add to my completed pile but not quilted yet.

How does my work differ from others?

That's hard to say and I'm not sure it really does.
I am a person who loves what I consider 'happy colours' 
and most of my work reflects that.

If I like it, I generally will try it.

I've tried my hand at several different techniques.

Printing on fabric from my computer . . .

Paper piecing  . . .

Hexagons . . .

I like to try new blocks and new techniques.
I have yet to put in a zipper (been dragging my feet on that one)
and set in seams but I had no problem learning to sew curves.

Why do I write / create what I do?

My need to quilt came out of a time
that was not so happy for me.
I was looking for an outlet to combat what what
transpiring in my life at the time.

I think that is why I like 'happy' colours!

A natural progression took place in that I started to blog.
I wanted a place to showcase my quilting and record
what I had accomplished or was doing.
Some posts are sprinkled with family news and holiday reports.
In some ways it was more for me than the general public,
however, it is a nice boost when others take notice of your work.

How does my writing / creative process work?

I have always been a creator of sorts and look for inspiration
in books, magazines, blogs, friends and yes, even while watching
a movie.  I have seen many a pattern in which I declare that
it would make a lovely block or quilt.

I have designed my own place mats out of a panel 
and I have been know to tweak patterns
a little here and little there. 

I have never designed anything bigger because the math involved
stumps me little but if I would just take the time to think
it through I could have it figured out.
Too busy sewing I guess!!

While quilting I often listen to music from a Paris radio station 
(my favourite place on this planet) 
and dream of going back someday.
Sometimes, I have a person in mind that I want to make a quilt for 
and love it if I have the fabric on hand.
I often find myself thinking of and praying for the recipient as I quilt along.

This was one I made for my aunt who passed away earlier this year.
I hear that she never had this quilt off her bed.

Other times, I don't really have anyone in mind but when 
the time comes, the right person pops into your mind.

This was one that I had made long before it became a wedding
gift for my niece and her husband.

I aim to have a few quilts ready so that when a need 
comes up I will be ready.
I have a rolodex in my head of quilts or block that I want and need to try.
I figure I'll never live long enough to do all that is on my list . . .

I've really enjoyed writing this blog and I hope you enjoy reading it as much.

I failed in my quest to find three people to tag. 
I do, however, have one lovely blogger, Alice from Alidiza Blog.
Alice, by her own admission, considers herself
a Compulsive Quilter and Fabric Addict among other things.
She has an awesome blog and is truly an accomplished quilter.
I especially like her Weekender bag and can 
only hope to one day make a project like that.

Thanks for stopping by and "Happy Thanksgiving" to all.