Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Quilt Workshop

I love my quilting friends and am glad that they invite me and welcome me to come on retreats, workshops and quilting days with them. Doesn't always work since I am still working but I seem to fit in time every once in a while.

Sunday was a workshop day in a beautiful setting about 45 minutes south east of Calgary. The workshop was on learning the Judy Niemeyer technique in the form of a wall hanging.

Here's my first half of the leaf. I think it may be tricky to do the stem though.

And here is additional fabric to be used in the project.

I joined the Sew Sisters Batik Lover's Club this year and was able to use fabric from that to do this project.

As I previously said, the workshop was by Caresland overlooking the bow river. It felt so good get out of the city. Although I grew up in the city and now am back I think I really am a country girl at heart. I really love the prairies. I often wonder if I like the country so much because I spent the early part of my married life in small towns where life was simple and good. Both of my kids were born during that time.

I am slowly going though things here in the house. I have never been so motivated to go through my 'stuff'. So far I've been through my clothes and the linen closet. A huge bag of things to be donated and I feel so much lighter. I tend to be a keeper and I am surprising myself lately in what I have been able to purge. It really does feel good.

My plan this fall is to so some painting upstairs. The former owner used wallpaper downstairs so not sure how to proceed with that so may just live with beige walls for a bit longer until I get motivated or decide what I what to do.

I've been slowing trying to get my sewing room organized and am looking at rearranging things. There isn't much I can move around but am going to attempt to see if I can make it work a bit better for me.

In working on getting organized I found this cute garbage pail at the dollar store.

Still debating on what colour I will paint the walls. The other thing that I need to do in my sewing room is to get some better lighting as it's not the greatest for working on projects. It is nice for watching TV or relaxing though.

On the list is also an old dresser that former neighbours had given to us years ago. 

When we got it, it was covered in stickers and missing some hardware. 

The colour I plan to use on the body is called Inglenook by Fusion Mineral Paint and then I'll stain the top. Currently it is used for extra fabric. 

It's funny how some weeks I have lots to say, and other weeks nothing at all. 

Thanks for sticking in to the end. Hope your week is going well.


Friday, August 14, 2015

Visit With a Sweet Friend

Earlier this summer, I had a chance to drive up from Calgary to Rocky Mountain House to visit a dear friend of mine. We figure that we have know each other for 45 - 50 years.  Now that's a long time!!

We just seem to pick up where we left off each time we have the chance to get together which isn't often enough.

 While I was there we took a drive out to Twin Lakes and went for a short walk. It's such a beautiful spot to take in the scenery and motor boats are not allowed on the lake so it was nice and quiet.

I could just sit all day and drink in this view.

I liked the way the lily pad picture turned out. I think it looks almost like a Monet painting. Would make an interesting quilted wall hanging.

It truly was a beautiful day out in the woods, enjoying nature with a dear friend. 

I wish all summer days could be like this.

We have had spectacular sunsets and yesterday the sun was a bright red. Probably due to the may forest fires we have going on in Alberta and BC right now. 

Hope you are enjoying your summer.



Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Bright Spot in the Week

Why is that the short weeks at work always seem really long? 

I can't say it has been a hard week, just lots to do at work and we are at a time right now where we are checking students to see if they have met their conditions. Sadly some haven't and it's always hard to have to send the letter to let them know that they can't attend the program that they were intending to for the Fall. Much nicer to send out offer letters than rejection letters.

We have had wicked weather this week too! Hail, heavy rain and flooding in some areas of the city. My garden in the front of my house isn't looking as good as it was at the beginning of the week. Oh well, we are at the mercy of the heavens. This is what I came home to Wednesday after work.

That being said, I have been working away on my Dresden Plates. Probably not as diligently as I could but none the less, working away at them. Definitely a bright spot in the week.

I have this lovely stack of 12 Dresden's just waiting to be sewn up.

I managed to get 2 pinned together.

And finally sewn onto the background.

I have been thinking about doing a hexagon shape for the center rather than the normal circle. I've seen one at V and Co's blog about finishing a Dresden. Gives it a unique and nice finish.

One night this week I had to dash out to the drug store. Right beside the drug store is a florist. They had a bucket with the most gorgeous roses outside the door that said 'Free Today'. So was tempted to take all but I resisted and just took one and it has graced my table for the past few days.

Isn't she lovely?

Time to get this day started. I'm off to a birthday party for my 16 year old niece. Oh to be that young again!

Have a beautiful weekend! 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Red, White and all Dresden Up

Friends are like quilts . . .
They never loose their warmth.

I just got to spend my weekend with a special friend who just happens to sew too! 

Wendy and I have been saving our red and white fabric for quite some time as we both wanted to make a quilt with these colours - but nothing christmassy. Last time we were together, we finally hit upon a pattern that tickled our fancy - Dresden Plates. 

We bought the EZQuilting Dresden Ruler. What a great ruler, I would highly recommend it.

We started off cutting the 5 inch strips and then the blades using the ruler. Took no time at all and we had enough cut for 2 quilts and most of a third.

We strip pieced the blades and then sat and watched a movie and reruns of Friends as we cut them apart, turned them, ironed and packaged them up to sew into the plates.

We even managed to squeeze a visit to the local quilting store, "Out of Hand".

My little packages are all ready to be sewn together.

And I have one completed!

This is going to be one fun quilt to put together.

Thanks for the great weekend Wendy!

Hope you have all enjoyed your weekend as much as I have. Have a spectacular week!


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Amidst the Mosquito Coils

Camping .... Or shall I say Glamping.

That's what I have had the privilege to do for the past few days and will get to do for a few more.  You see my mom and dad own a trailer out in Radium, B.C. so it's just a hop, skip and jump over to this beautiful place from where we live.

As you all know it's crazy sitting outside this time of the year with the mosquitoes. My dad is constantly keeping the coils going so my mom and I can read, check our FB account, emails, do our puzzles and our hand crafts.

Here's my mom working on one of her dishcloths. They are sure nice to have. 

I'm working on my life time supply of hexes. Not really and actually I have more an 150 flowers completed. Getting here. I find that I enjoy doing these more in the summer than in the winter time. 

What a delight this place is!! It's so nice to sit out until 10 pm and not worry about having to find a sweater or coat to put on. The weather has been perfect!!

It's taken me a while to get this post ready for publishing because I was doing it on my iPad. Usually I do it on my home computer and I feel proud of myself that I have figured it out on this devise. 

Til next time - 


Saturday, June 13, 2015

Showcasing my Colourful Strings

I can't believe how fast my string quilt is coming along.  

Six blocks and counting.

I am not over thinking my selection too much and thought it would bother me to have different widths of strings but it hasn't. 

For one thing there will be less matching up which will make this a truly easy, fun and freeing quilt to finish up. Not that I don't enjoy those things but sometimes you just want to sew without pressure.

Lots of nice fabrics being showcased.

Last night I had an awesome sleep and feel like a new person and feel like I can conquer the world.

Hope you are having a great Saturday too!



Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Blessed Beyond Words

I truly think that I have the best friends in the world - both here in Canada and abroad!! 
A while back, I entered a giveaway on Jen's blog called Glinda Quilts - and I won!! We have become friends through the web over the past couple of years and our love of quilting is our mutual interest. I received my sewing machine mat, the left over material as well as a four fat quarters all tied up in a beautiful pink heart ribbon. My, oh my, such lovely fabric and fabulous sewing. She spoiled me!!

It has pockets at the front which are perfect for keeping those essentials at your finger tips that are needed for quilting.

So tomorrow is my birthday and I wanted to celebrate it with a little touch of purple hair. You know, you only live once and with life being so short, you have to make the most of it and live every day to the fullest. So in light of that, I have a purple streak in my hair.
I have been working on my string quilt and now have 3 blocks done. Should have more but you know, life gets busy sometimes.
I have to admit that its fun to pick up a piece of fabric and remember which project you used it in and who it was for. Lots of remembering going on here.
My garden out front is coming in nicely now. I bought flowers this year that I wouldn't normally buy. They were ones that were left over at the garden center that didn't look too beat up or picked over.

My little box is just big enough to have a bit of colour around my little home.
Isn't she pretty now that she is coming into her own.

Well that about rounds out my last week other than my daughter was here to shoot a wedding and we had a chance to have a quick visit. 

Enjoy the rest of your week whatever it may entail.